Tonight’s the Night

I must have 80’s songs stuck in my head this week judging by the cheesy titles I give these posts. But, not to belabor the point, tonight is the night we find out which grade level (boys or girls)  were chosen to spend the weekend at the Fish House for Spark weekend. When people ask, I always say Spark is our church’s version of Discipleship Now and everyone nods their head. I don’t know why the Spark title never caught on  . . . drum roll and cymbal crash, please. We’ve hosted different ages/grades for Spark weekend for four years and though there’s a bit of housekeeping to do after, it’s always fun going through it. Our dog, Frodo, loves this weekend because teenagers eat potato chips and cookies non-stop and he’s feasting on crumbs. Our youth director makes a huge deal of combining spiritual teaching, vulnerable moments, all-out insane fun and a few surprises. We, those who host, get caught up in the maelstrom of activity and are spun out by the time Sunday afternoon, post-church dismissal. Historically, we come home and nap. The good news is I’ve hardly cleaned house all week, why bother? Fifteen kids will be playing, studying, eating and sleeping here from Friday through Sunday and all they expect of me are hot breakfasts.  I wonder who will my host my children?