Weekend hangovers, non-alcohol related.

I love Monday, really I’m one of the weird ones who do. I love returning to routine and a especially a quiet house. But after a marathon of weekend events, (we hosted 11 10th grade girls and one college counselor for Spark) and going to bed way past my usual time then I tend to wake up with a hang-over of sorts. Groggy, head-achey, legs don’t want to move as fast as usual. If I could go back to bed and not feel guilty about it, I would. But we’re stoic sorts aren’t we? We plod on. (These are the times I hate that I memorized those Proverbs about sluggards and sloths.) So, it’s time to fire up the laptop and get to work.

One fun thing about the weekend, I did manage to squeeze in a book. Actually, I started this Thursday night after I finished the Temptation of the Night Jasmine (excellent, as expected) and started a book new to me, Susan Meissner’s Blue Heart Blessed. A great story, charmingly told with a wonderful resolution. A delightful book. I’m going to look for more novels by Meissner. I think I read one of hers years ago, but I’ll have to look through the shelves to make sure.