Oh, what a beatiful morning . . .

I love weather forecasting by roll of the crazy 8 ball. Do you want sunshine. . . yes! Do you want spring in the middle of winter .. . yes! Do you want rain to water the grass and clear off the bird poop . . .maybe.  I’ll enjoy the marginal rain and pull the weeds and hose down the poop later. I’ve opened the window next to my writing desk and can hear birds trilling to each other, maybe they’re stunned by the change in temperature too. This is East Texas so mercurial weather is nothing new, but after ten years I still forget how shocking it can be to go to bed with cold air and wake up warm.  Now how am I supposed to get so much writing done when I’m easily distracted by pretty clouds, bird calls and sunlight? I’ll have to force my rear end to the chair, that’s how. 


Dad is plugging away at his daily blog, following the 365 Bible reading. I’m so proud of him for embracing new technology to communicate age old truths. I should comment on his blog just to keep things interesting.