The Missionary

I met Dave Lambert (one of the authors of The Missionary) at a writer’s retreat, thinking he was 100% , grade A editor. Turns out he’s a great writer too. He and his collaborator, William Carmichael, have crafted a gripping story seemingly lifted from the headlines of any daily newspaper. I don’t often peer too close to stories of international corruption and drug lords (aren’t they all the same horrible evil just dressed in different outfits?) But putting this conflict into the hands of an honorable and compassionate missionary who believes what he’s told, spins this story close to home. Without spoiling too much of the plot for you, I’ll say the dilemmas David Eller (the missionary) faces are realistic, but the answers to them aren’t so clear cut. As Christians don’t we tend to believe what’s right in front of us? I don’t relish taking stand against corruption but its a sage reminder that Christians all over the world have to do this on a daily basis.  Great book–action-packed and memorable.