The Fixer Upper

So I flew to Vancouver, Canada to tag with Mel to a conference, and along the journey grabbed some much needed ‘facebook’ time with novels. One that I could hardly put down was the  newest page-turner from Mary Kay Andrews. (Let me just say everything I’ve read of hers I love, they’re all sooo much fun to read.) The Fixer-Upper is both funny and poignant and revolves around one of my favorite subjects, delipidated houses. The main character, Dempsey Killebrew, faces one of those ripped-from-the-headlines nightmares involving bribery and elected officials and the only way she can ride out the storm is ‘fixing up’ her father’s family home so he can sell it. Much to Dempsey’s surprise an aged and cantankerous distant relative has taken squatter’s rights in the house and can’t be budged, literally. Not to mention the FBI is hounding her to implicate her former boss and two of the most delightful Southern gentleman to grace the pages of modern fiction rise to her defense. It’s filled with delightful characters who play true to course, no  big surprises, but a whole lot of delicousness (not that that is a word, but you get what I mean, right?) Run to the bookstore for a copy of any of Mary Kay Andrew’s novels and enjoy a mental vacation.