The Four Corners of the Sky

I ordered Four Corners of the Sky after reading a review in the Dallas Morning News a few months ago–there were comparisons to a modern day Wizard of Oz.  I was surprised at the heft of the book and, after reading all the accolades, that the author–Micheal Malone– had multiple best-sellers to his name. So, when I sat down with the book–which begins with a wonderful assortment of characters–I kept searching for the whole Wizard of Oz connection.  Was Annie Dorothy? Was her father the Wicked Witch of the West? The home town is named, Emerald. But obvioulsy I was looking way too deep, trying to read Scarecrow into Uncle Clark and Lion in Destin. And though, I think, boiled down this is essentially a story about a great and complicated con, it’s not the main character’s con. Annie is a pinging ball bouncing in reaction to things everyone else sets into motion. And, I’m not going to lie, I did get confused with all the flash backs, flash sideways and a few flash outs. When she flew her plane into the tornado, I thought–here it comes–she finds out she’s in a parallel universe or something. Nope. Just more twists and turns to a plot that mixes character studies with suspense. I think I preferred the suspense parts. The first half of the book was magical, full of expectation. The second half could have been condensed. It was still a book filled with interesting characters and fun, jazzy dialogue. Just remember the Wizard of Oz similarities are all floating on the surface.