How To Murder Your Mother-in-Law

Come on, you didn’t really think I would suggest that, did you? But, I have to admit, when I saw this title on the library bookshelf, I grabbed it. Who wouldn’t, be the teensiest bit intrigued by something so incredibly outrageous. (Absolutley, no disrespect intended to my mother-in-law or the state of mother-in-law hood in general. ) And no one’s mother-in-law is harmed in this story. Tell me, do I sound PC? This book is one in a long and wonderful series of mysteries and intrigues brought on by strange communicty events by Dorothy Cannell–a British author. (And we all know how those Brits like to solve a murder by tea time, so this isn’t a slow, draggy thing.)  The series began with another well titled book, The Thin Woman, and details the  journey a full-figured gal might take on the curvy, potentially malnourished road to success. I’m not kidding, I’ve laughed out loud while reading these books and I’ll always recommend something that makes me laugh. There’s just not enough humor in the world.

On a not a so funny note, but still cool, my dad (a distinguished 70 +something, retired Army Special Forces/Ranger/Missionary to the Dominican Republic) has started a blog. Dad’s handy with tools and I think can program his VCR, I just never knew he had it in him to go all techno savvy. He’s been teaching a Bible study for a while –Read the Bible through in 365 days–and has created a daily blog to encourage those in his class (and anyone else) who is reading along in a 365 day specialty Bible. If you’d like to see his thoughts, experiences and musings on the Word check out Powell Johnson’s blog.