Miss Julia

On the note of books I’ve loved, Miss Julia is unforgettable. I remember a neighbor started a book club and this was offered for the debut reading. Though I was one of the first to flop out of the book club (that was back during the kid’s tae kwan do years and I spent an unfortunate amount of time behind the wheel of a car) I never let go of my fascination with Ann B. Ross’ series of adventures from the feisty character, Miss Julia. Check out Ann’s site at http://www.missjulia.com  to get the full scoop on books/newsletters/new releases. There are days I can see myself becoming a Miss Julia (or maybe I just aspire to that sort of freedom of expression.) I often struggle between the side of my spirit that wants to ‘just be me” and the spirit -controlled side that warns “don’t even go there.” 

It’s raining today–thank God! Big chunks of Texas are in drought conditions, so I quietly celebrate that we have rain to water the budding trees, wash pollen from the lawn furniture, and envigorate soon-to-burst azaleas.