Maisie Dobbs

A friend asked me yesterday to recommend a few titles to read and since this list is long and my memory short, I thought to post the suggestions here.  When I glance over my shoulder to the bookshelf here in the office its easy to find some of my favorite books. (Books are all over the house, but this is where I keep the special ones.) A few years ago, a bookseller friend from Barron’s Books in Longview,Vickie, turned me on to Jacqueline Winspear’s first Maisie Dobbs mystery. I was hooked by the page one. The writing is sparse and elegant, the characters shadowy as if not ready to step under a spotlight and the plots deliberate and well-conceived.  What’s not to love? Plus, the frosting for me, the stories are set in one of my favorite, and least appreciated times in history–that narrow alley between the first and second World Wars.