Newspaper Features Harmon General (and me!)

July 19th. 2018

So thrilled to open my local paper on Sunday and discover this feature about the new novel, Harmon General, and, well, me.

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  1. Marti Patten says:

    Loved the article. After reading it I bought The Big Inch andHarmon General. I loved both books, having finished Harmon General tonight. YEs, I played music from the era while reading. I find that time very interesting. I also lived in Longview from 1992 until 2012. Many of the locations were familiar, though different from my years there. I particularly enjoyed Harmon General having spent much time on the LeTouneau campus. Our sons went to many of their summer camps, went for scout aactivities and field trips. Our younger son went to college ther. The school was a perfect fit. I have found the history of the hospital and campus quite interesting. Thank you for writing the books. Look forward to more adventures with Lane and Zeke.

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