Me and Joe Lansdale

Well, Joe Lansdale doesn’t know it yet, but he’s going to be sitting next to me at a book signing at the Bookstore in Kilgore next month. I’m sure he’d be thrilled, if only he knew. I actually am thrilled because he’s the Faulkner of East Texas. He writes with grit and poison, exposing both the stains of humanity and the thin thread of hope to make life (our culture) better. I’m currently reading his novel, The Bottoms, which pulls back the curtain on life in 1930s East Texas–before oil flipped this place on its head.

If you want to meet Joe Lansdale (also famed for many other novels, screenplays, and TV series) come to Kilgore, August 22nd from 2-4p. He’s written a new book with his daughter and they’ll be signing their books, and I’ll be there with mine.

Here’s the link to the bookstore so you can find your way: