WWII, the 4th of July, and Me

With so much confusion, misinformation, anger, and attack in our media and social media our American culture has been battered, and quite bruised. I’d be willing to bet a frightening number of citizens under the age of 40 couldn’t define what the culture or constitution is, much less articulate what it is that makes American significant. After the win of World War II (a war most Americans never wanted our country to enter) our national pride was at an all time high, and our persona internationally was highly revered. Since then, we’ve been on a downhill spiral and I hope 2018 is rock bottom. It’s not that I want hubris and nationalism to prevail, but I would like to see Americans set aside their disagreements to look at our country and culture to remember the American Ideal–a hope and freedom that is incredibly rare–and recognize how fragile our republic is. If we don’t protect this idea that all men/women are free, and the system that guarantees that, then we risk losing our liberty.

On the occasion of the 4th of July, let’s agree to disagree about the things that divide us, and celebrate the things we have in common. We are blessed beyond measure. We are free to live, dream, and build without oppression from our government. And we are only on earth for a short while, so let’s be good guardians of what we’ve inherited.