Harmon General and Confetti

I’m one of those folks who love to celebrate. Return home from a vacation?–put out the welcome sign. Make a good grade?–ice cream with sprinkles. Did something good without having to be harassed about it?–special dinner. So when a new book rolls out to the public, I throw a party. You’ll recognize me by the chocolate smears on my fingertips. (Sweet Shop USA keeps me stocked with Fudge Love truffles for just these sorts of occasions.)

Harmon General is getting the star treatment. Not only because it has a built-in audience thanks to the generous readers of The Big Inch who’ve been asking about this sequel, but because it proves that writing a good novel wasn’t a fluke. Well, the fluke factor might be a presumption since the book reviews are just beginning. But, still.

Friends are gathering to toss confetti for Harmon General’s flight into the hands of readers, but I also have a special book event planned for Saturday so that everyone in this neck of the woods (that would Longview, Texas) can buy an autographed copy as well. I’ll be at my favorite local book store, Barron’s. Though more of a gifts store and cafe now, Jim and Julia Barron have cultivated this author (and others) and I love, love, love that I can sell books in the beautiful treasure box of a store.

I hope to take the book with me to several area bookstores this summer and am willing to travel if you know of independent bookstores that welcome authors in for meet and greets with readers. Thanks for your kind support, and I hope you enjoy the new book!