Warm fires and good books

Thanks to a very capable service technician, I’m back in business with fiery gas logs. I know, how lazy can I be, right? But they came with the house and must be enjoyed! These wintry days, there’s nothing I enjoy more than sitting near the glowing fire and reading a good book. It’s ironic that last night when the gas logs fizzled out, I was reading a book I’d totally lost interest in. So, maybe better luck tonight.

At what point to do you give up on a story/author while reading? Is it the level of characterization, dialogue, lack of dialogue, slowness of pacing, or just confusion between bouncing around from thinly developed plot or character to another? I’m curious, because I want to avoid the pitfalls that can trip up a new author and experienced ones. It’s so easy to recognize the signs in other books, and less clear about the ones on my own pages. With the new novel, Comfort Foods, rolling out to readers I hope to hear feedback either through an emailed note or a review, that will me trouble shoot while beginning the next novel.

Cheers to you, dear readers, as you snuggle into your favorite chair or sofa this month and take a risk on a book. I hope you find unforgettable stories and characters that you’d want to linger with.