Comfort Foods Goes Touring

Thanks to the fantastic bloggers that review books through Lone Star Literary, Comfort Foods is about to get exposed to thousands of readers and reviews will travel through the outlets where readers talk to other readers about the books they’re enjoying (or not.) This is a nervy time for an author, as one has to brace for the varied reactions. Every book I write is precious to me, but that doesn’t mean it will be to readers–and that’s the reality of storytelling.

I hope this books connects with readers, and they share the title with friends, because there’s an element of the plot that has little to do with food, but everything to do with being aware of the clues to human trafficking going on around us every day. This topic is too often overlooked, and its one that needs attention. Because my main character finds a path to journalism she’s confronted with the blowback the comes from revealing the ugliness that mars most communities–even those we think are so darling. Standing up for the lost ones takes a bravery that most of flitting around social media lack, and yet’s its good use of a vital tool.

Hope you enjoy the virtual calories of this delicious book, and also take away some long-lasting savories after the last page. Having characters linger on is the dream of most writers.