Two Books in One Week!

Okay, that might not be a real impressive statistic,but in light of the hectic schedule around my house (grad parties, church events, recitals, etc.) it’s a feat. I received a copy of Lisa Wingate’s soon to be released novel, Beyond Summer (the cover is pretty) and started in immeadiatly because I love everything she writes. Lisa does two line of fiction–one more romance driven and one more women’s fiction driven. The stories she sets on Blue Sky Hill (an imaginary Dallas suburb that’s seen hard times) fall into the latter category. This is third in a loosely linked series that began with A Month of Summer, then The Summer Kitchen and now, Beyond Summer. She writes such relatable characters with a wry sense of humor that you’re cheering folks on from the first chapter. I recommend this and all Lisa Wingate books.

Second, I’d read on one of the blogs I subscribe to that Irene Hannon’s book, In Harm’s Way, was climbing the best seller’s lists and when I was out the other day and saw a copy, I snatched it up (paying first, of course.) It was very well written and she certainly knows the romantic suspense craft but I had some reservations with falling head over heels for the story. Don’t let that stop you from reading her though, she knows her stuff.

Since this is high school graduation week at our house, I don’t know when I’ll get time with another novel. The relatives are coming. But the next time  I post, maybe I’ll be a bit more relaxed and a lot less sleep deprived.