Late on Monday evenings, I hike back up the stairs to post some of my favorite lines from the previously watched Castle episode on ABC. I’m not sure how this Facebook status turned into something people expect, but I’ve had folks say they look forward to reading which dialogue I liked best. One friend even mentioned that when she watched the episode, she KNEW which one was I was going to post about. All that being said, you must know I love the witty banter on Castle. This past week, I missed the episode because we had company. When I asked other Facebook friends to tell me which lines they liked, I had one write that she’d never watched Castle till that Monday and wasn’t too impressed. She said Castle (as in Rick Castle, the main character) was weak. Hmm. I had to think about that one and it didn’t take long to come up with a rebuttal. She was right. (I never said it was a brilliant piece of deduction.) I don’t know who writes for the show, but I’ve come to the conclusion that Castle is the 2009-10 version of a politically-correct, metro-sexual man. He’s America’s answer to Hugh Grant. Granted the actor, Nathan Fillion, just plays the part, but Rick Castle is handsome in a non-threatening manner, hopelessly clueless about women, charming/debonair, more comfortable around the elite than the criminal, and always being pulled up short by every smarter-savvier-than-he-is-woman in his life (to include his mother, daughter, and his proposed love interest.) He’s as cute, cuddly and harmless as a Maltese.

HELLO!! Is this really what women want? Can the Kate Beckett character (who’s tough as nails no matter how she looks in red lingerie) really and with any credibility fall for a guy that she can beat in arm wrestle? I was drawn to this show because of the banter–maybe I’ve never gotten over the old Rock Hudson/Doris Day movies (or Moonlighting, for that matter) but I’ve just realized that in this show Castle is the blond. What does this say about our culture that the man we’re conditioned to admire is really just weak and  hapless even if he is fabulously wealthy. I’m pretty sure there’s a good explanation, so why don’t you tell me your opinion.