The Vintage Caper

Peter Mayle, an author who is my go-to guy for all things Continental has, in this latest novel, set the perfect table  for a leisurely repast with elements of exquisite lifestyle, a dash of mystery, exotic people, all offset by evocative landscapes and sensory delights. Being invited to dine with him, is as easy as opening Chapter One. I first saw the BBC series, A Year in Provence, based on his memoir as a British ex-pat settling into the Provence countryside, and quickly became enamored of his infectious love for all things French, his absurd perspective on all things French, and his cinematic descriptions of all things French. As an armchair traveller, I appreciate that I can feel a member of his escapades for as little as $15. This book, The Vintage Caper, is as charming as they come. Beginning in Hollywood–and a suite at the enigmatic hotel Chateau Marmont–the characters travel from LA, through Paris (I swear I will follow his itinerary if I ever get to go to Paris again,) into Bordeaux, and resolve their caper in Marseilles. All in a few days work for a former lawyer/con/insurance investigator. Trust me, this story would make a fun movie. For a mental vacation, on a dreary winter day, pick up a copy of The Vintage Caper and glimpse into the world of the “good life.”