Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand

To give Major Pettigrew a fair shake, I didn’t fall for him the first time I saw him. It was only after I read an endorsement in an article that the next time I was in a bookstore, I reconsidered the book. Since this is a review, you must know I brought Major Pettigrew home with me. He was a pleasant sort, Major Pettigrew, although the character I really liked the best was Mrs. Ali. That romance finds Major Pettigrew at 60+ is sweet, but I wonder how this story would have gone down if told by Mrs. Ali–she had some real obstacles in her life. Still, it was a lovely story about small town dysfunctions, family disappointments and finding love in the most surprising of places…the Super Mart. Kudos to Helen Simonson for crafting a charming story in Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand.