The Summer Kitchen

Lisa Wingate’s newest novel details the upheaval in a woman’s life when inheritances, life goals, family crises and new beginnings all converge in one hot summer. Lisa Wingate’s writing talent is ever-growing and she can turn ordinary women into unsuspecting heroes with a few finely crafted sentences. This novel is set in Dallas, Texas–a bit of a stone’s throw from here, but refreshing in that so many books are set in places I can’t say I’ve walked on their sidewalks.  ThoughUncle Poppy’s house and neighborhood are fictional, I’ve been in ones just like the ones Wingate describes. But this is not one character’s story. Several people are affected and changed by the events that happen as a result of Uncle Poppy’s house going on the market, and though the ride is turbulent and all too real, the outcome is as a satisfying as a glass of cold lemonade on a hot Texas day.