A Year on Ladybug Farm

Have you ever heard a cuter title? I admit I grabbed this book for cover quality alone. Then when I read the back copy,  I was hooked. What was not to love? Three older women friends pool their resources to buy an old forsaken “Monticello” styled home in the Virginia countryside? This novel chronicles their ups and downs in the remodeling of the home and their lives. Unfortunatley, I started skipping pages early on. And I don’t know why. The characters were well drawn, lots of dialogue, a certain dash of mystery and a handful of broken families needing repair. For some reason I just didn’t click with Cici, Bridget and Lindsey. Is it because the characters had already endured a lot of what I’m in the middle of and I didn’t want this glimpse into my future? ( I should be so fortunate to be this beautiful, financially secure and career driven in my fifties.) I don’t know. I’ve wondered more about why I didn’t like this book, then most other novels I’ve liked. I will say, I admired a writer crafting characters who were up for an adventure, weren’t afraid of hard work, and had the perseverance to endure huge obstacles. That’s a timeless message.