The Silents

Continuing this blog about books I’ve read recently (I consider the last year still sort of recent) I wanted to brag about a series I stumbled upon last year. Anytime a debut author is able to publish in hard back tells me the publisher anticipates great things to come. So when I saw Deanna Raybourn’s first novel, Silent in the Grave, I grabbed it. (Yes, I am a compulsive book buyer.) And, I’m happy to report, I wasn’t disappointed in spending $21.95.  I’m drawn to historical books, and this one set in Edwardian England is chock full of surprises. I like how Maria Snyder says it, “Deceptively civilized and proper the book has undercurrents of nefarious deeds, secrets and, my favorite, poisons.” There really area some twists and quite a surprise ending, espcially given the time period the story is set. Needless to say I was very happy to discover book number 2, Silent in the Sanctuary, continue the mystery sleuthing and will they/won’t they romance of Lady Julia Grey and Nicholas Brisbane. I don’t know more about Deanna Raybourn than what’s published on her website, but I will tell you that she’s skilled at creating fascinating characters. I just bought her third book in the series, Silent on the Moors, and its certainly continuing the drama. If you live in Longview, go by Barrons. Vickie keeps a good inventory of these books because she knows I’m telling everyone about the Silents.