The Shack

Okay, call me a party pooper, but I just didn’t love The Shack.  I actually went in to the story knowing the controversary and wanted to be one the edgier commentators who could agree and say ‘yes, this is cool stuff.’ But, honestly, I missed something in the reading. Granted, I give William Young kudos for telling a story that rose from a short story he circulated among friends to self-publishing a novel to being one of the major pieces of fiction this year. That journey alone is noteworthy. But, any time an author write characters that speak for God he/she wades into dicey waters. I like that the novel shows God wanting to have a relationship with man, and I’m okay with the idea of God doing anything He wants (even beyond my imagination) to interact with His beloved people, but I really don’t see God dismissing His own scripture to establish this relationship. Anyway, as I remind myself and others, this is a work of FICTION. I wonder if Mr. Young anticipated the tempest this story would bring?