Reading a new book to take my mind off things.

Always the first line of defense for me, from stress-related syndromes, is to find a good book to read. I always turn to something light and diversionary for mental getaways. (I save biographies and self-help for days when I feeling particularly open to new ideas, which isn’t as often as I’d like to think.) I generally read for escapism. Not a natural student, and one who has a woe-fully short attention span at best, I veer away from reading to learn. Give me a movie or a brillant lecture for those issues. But, when headlines make me wonder where our country is headed or the calendar takes on mythic proportions, then I grab a book and scoot on over to that comfy chair  with the lopsided floor lamp in the quiet corner of my bedroom. The escape book du jour is Rachel Hauk’s novel, Love begins with Elle.  I was intrigued by the clever title. And the book doesn’t disappoint either. Though  not finished, I’m enjoying the journey with characters heavily-bruised by life. I do question the author’s research with mega churches in the Dallas area as she suggests a chuch with 600 members meets the criteria. I’m thinking she hasn’t visited some of what are commonly considered mega-churches in Dallas (Prestonwood Baptist has attendance in the five digits.) Anyway, I give this one two swishes of the fish tale. (that’s a good thing.)