Proof-reading ain’t my gift

As I get another contest entry package ready (this one for Writer’s League of Texas) I realize, how wonderful gifted editers are and how I aspire to those eagle eyes. I am all about the big picture, details trip me. This is a strange paradox for a writer, who by nature of the business should be all about the details, and I suffer for this inverted triangle. I misspell, mispunctuate, fail to check historical facts (consider this a warning and a disclaimer) that I’ve presumed to be accurate and in every other wayshow little aptitude for self-editing. Is it too late in the year for new resolutions? One side of my brain says slow down, re-read for the inaccuracies, the other side (the bigger, faster side driven by pockets of Dove dark chocolate) says its more important to get the story right and then hire an editor. All I can do at this point is dust off those editing books on my shelf, do a bit of study and pray that my saturated brain takes in the rules. Personally, I think I’m doomed.