Jeffery Archer does it again

Years ago, I discovered Jeffery Archer, the author (aka British representative in one of their political parties and fallen from grace national icon.) I liked his books. The first one I read, Kane and Abel, is still easily accessible in my memory. So, when I ran across another of his books recently, I snatched in from the discount bin. Who knew he was still writing? I thought he was hiding under some table at one of those cozy British pubs. Well, to get on with it, let me say this novel, Paths of Glory, was worth waiting for. It’s plum Jeffrey Archer–which means well-researched, not too schmaltzy and engaging to the bitter end (even when you know in advance that the end will be bitter because it was based on a true story.) In one of those too weird to be coincidence moments, I was scanning MSN’s news page the other day (might I add three days after I’d started this novel) when one of their feature stories was about the mysterious death of George Mallory (the previously unmentioned hero and subject of this novel.)  I loved that these two events coincided and now wonder if there’s some deeper meaning to the whole conflagration of fact and fiction. Am I to become yet another researcher of George Mallory? Am I to be a biographer of Jeffrey Archer? Am I supposed to scale Mt. Everest? Wow. . .you know this spinning could go on for a while. As it is, I’ll just take comfort knowing that lives well lived are far more fascinating than anything fiction could dream up and maybe I should spend a little more time living large than just writing about. So, see you next time, after I’ve done a bit of bungee jumping or something equally death defying. And PS I did enjoy the book.