Downloading to Kindle

I’ve been trying to get better acquainted with my Kindle simply by using it more. This summer I’ve discovered the fast and easy way to acquire books without ever having to change out of my pajamas. Though preferring the smell of a crisp binding, paper and ink–e books have their place in my library. Before I tell you about the assortment of books I’ve read, let me tell you two wish list items I have for the Kindle 7 or 8 whenever those are invented –flexible font sizes for those us in denial about needing reading glasses. And back lighting for night reading. The one thing I do not like about Kindle is not being able to flip through the e-book easily. I’ve been known to read my fair share of back pages first (don’t judge me, you’ve done it too) and that’s hard to do with an e-book. For one thing the little page turner button does one page at a time. If you’re stuck in a boring section and want to skip ahead this can be a tedious process, not to mention frustrating since you can’t stick a bookmark in the section you’re temporarily escaping and jump around. But, overall, I’ve become a fan of the e-book reader and though I can’t really compare it to an iPad since I don’t own an iPad, I’ve heard others say that the simpler one application Kindle is easier to to hold your attention than something that can all but dance in your hands.

So, what have I been downloading? A wide variety of things actually. That’s the beauty of a free e-books, cheap e-books and $9.99 for a bestseller. It’s affordable to read across genres because I don’t sweat spending $26 on a book only to find out the book is dismal. I’ve been reading Susan May Warren this summer–always a delight. Revisiting some classics because in addition to being free, many of them are just great–Carson McCullars. Found a fun (if racy) author in Meg Benjamin–her books are freakishly like mine except for the sexual content. And Seth Godin.

What have you been reading this summer?