Day 5

I love Monday mornings. A return to the routine is like candy. Not that I don’t love lazy winter weekends, but I tend toward couch-potato-its, especially when the USA network rums a  marathon of House episodes. The highpoints of a great church service or a sweet Valentines dinner are often knitted into laziness. Ah, well. Monday brings back the work schedule, the phone calls, the emails, the grocery store run and the inevitable beck and call of the tread mill. I’m still trying to incorporate the light bulb moment of a few weeks ago and pull together the Women of Comfort series. I wrote these novels in various seasons, but it was just this month that I saw the ovewhelming connections. Now, I’m impatient to get everything organized. I made a bit of progress in the book I’m reading, but also ordered about six more books from Amazon and picked up three from Barron’s Bookstore in town so my to be read stack is teetering. Which will I read next?