Day 4

So I’m learning to make use of other tools on the internet–thank you Tim and Mike. To make the descriptions of the books I’m talking about easier, and memorable when you get to the bookstore, I’m going to start posting book covers here. For example:

The book I’m currently reading, The Temption of the Night Jasmine by Lauren Willig. Love it, love the whole series about English spies in the confict between England and France during and just after the French Revolution. It’s entertaining, historical and has a modern twist in that the main character through the whole series, Eloise an American grad student working on her dissertation, keeps the story lines tied together, engages in romantic endeavors and struggles to stay warm during a London winter. Lauren Willig makes reading these novels effortless.


Today is Valentines Day–a truly lovely reminder to tell all the people I’m friends with, work with, related to, brush against in the grocery store line and otherwise come in contact with through daily life that I think they’re special.