Comfort Plans Goes Audible!

Thanks to a narrator in California, this Texas Hill Country novel gets a dash of sass and spunk to transport listeners into the heart of a story about a female architect with hard lessons to learn. An iconic German farmhouse with a hidden box of letters is just the beginning of the remodeling that will […]

Book Signing Joys

I’m incredibly grateful for readers, friends, complete strangers who happen to walk in to a store and don’t run when I tell them about my books. It was thrilling to see folks last week, have them indulge me about talking up the new novel, Comfort Zone, and then a keepsake memory to see them walk […]

Cover Reveal for Comfort Zone!!

Today is the day I share with the world the handiwork of Holly Forbes of Forbes and Butler. She’s taken my notes about the new novel and created a dreamy cover that will hook readers who shop bookshelves. I’m so excited to reveal it here! Does it inspire you for a cozy, autumn reading night? […]

A 5 Star Review of Comfort Plans

It’s wonderful to read a review of a book that is the first in a set, and sometimes overlooked by the new releases. I’m grateful and honored by these words, and hope you’ll be encouraged to take a leap into a set of stories about women discovering their grit and sweet second chances.

Writers and World Influence

As I mourn the apparent setback for a country emerging from domination by terrorists, I’m reminded in several corners, the influence writers have to create controversy, introduce radical ideas, and offer hope. Writers in this age have used their pen to change world views—some for the better. These feel like desperate days with earthquakes, floods, […]

Wedding Goodness

Last week, my only son married a beautiful woman; full of accomplishments, talents, and a devotion to the Lord that brings me such joy. I’m not sure I could have scripted a more perfect wife for my son, but time will tell. We’re all a little giddy these days. Weddings are different now, some things […]

Awards Across the Pond

Comfort Foods, my third women’s fiction set in Comfort, Texas, just won the International Impact Award!! I’m honored and giddy=honiddy. It’s a delight to discover the places my book travels and so humbling that among the thousands of new books coming on to the book each month, one of mine would be selected. There’s something […]

5 Star Reviews and Cookies

Rainy days mean cookie baking at our house. It’s a tradition that even the neighbor kids relied upon. The days of hosting impromptu cookie parties are history for this empty-nester, but even better than a gooey oatmeal cookie is another 5-star review for my most recent novel, Comfort Foods. Cooking, baking, and shopping for food […]