Cover Reveal for Comfort Zone!!

Today is the day I share with the world the handiwork of Holly Forbes of Forbes and Butler. She’s taken my notes about the new novel and created a dreamy cover that will hook readers who shop bookshelves. I’m so excited to reveal it here!

Does it inspire you for a cozy, autumn reading night? Here’s the blurb:

Anna Weber, an appraiser who gives value to other people’s found treasures is on assignment to research a handwritten sheet of music, After helping a stranded motorist, she discovers she’s rescued retired NFL quarterback Jack Moses. His confidence and fascination for solving problems makes him impossible for Anna to ignore even as they both dart along separate deadlines to save the finances at an inner-city school. Little does Anna know that as she wrestles with secrets from her past and a suspicious approach to people, Jack is running too. As a nemesis threatens Anna’s young daughters, these two unlikely partners discover that it’s in stepping back from years of self-sufficiency that Anna and Jack can find the best treasure of all: a series of sweet, second chances. 

In other bookish news, Comfort Foods continues to win wonderful book awards –three this summer!! I’m so honored and humbled when judges and readers choose my stories for their reading pleasure.

Please stay with me as I share the release date for this exceptional story about overcoming sorrow and fear to find the hope for better days.