Catch a Rising Star

So, I picked up a copy of Tracey Bateman’s 2007 book, Catch a Rising Star. She and I are friends on Facebook–not that it’s an important fact, but a connection is a connection. I’ve followed many of Tracey’s travails writing (we writers were made for the 140 characters on Twitter and Facebook, it’s a challenge to easy to resist,) and when I found one of her books I snatched it up. This one falls into the chick-lit category and it was a fun, fun read. I actually laughed out loud in places, I’m not going to lie, and I’m not even a fan of daytime soap operas–not since the Luke and Laura wedding of the 1980s, but I digress. The good news here is, after reading this juicy little book about a day time soap diva who has an up and down and up ride on the road to fame and romance, I’m not going to worry about Tracey’s writing travails. She’s obviously well equipped to overcome even the nastiest of editing deadlines. I wonder who I’ll stalk–I mean read–next. Let’s see…