Almost Home

Don’t let the name deceive you, Almost Home is not the sweet novel you might think by the title–actually having read (and  enjoyed ) this book, I would have named it something entirely different. Don’t know what, but something. This is the third novel I’ve read by Pan Jenoff. The first two were page-turner WWII dramas, heavy on the unsuspecting character angles, small stories made large, and imminently well-written. (There’s a great backstory to the Kommandant’s Girl that is an inspiration to all unpublished authors with a bestseller in their pen.) This book is set in contemporary times. A State Department employee, with enviable connections, asks for a reassignment that stuns the people to whom she’s closest. I was captivated by page one. This story spins out into elegant settings around Cambridge and London, and falls probably more into the ‘thriller’ category than drama. But the elements of romance, friendship, loyalty, greed and political ambitions are big enough to throw it into whatever genre appeals to you. All I can tell you is that I was surprised by the end and left hanging with the dear hope that Pam Jenoff has written a sequel. After reading a book like this, you wonder how much of it might be autobiographical (it feels that real) but I guess if she were tell us the answer to that question . . .then she’d have to kill us. Spies are like that.