Comfort Foods Offers a Delicious Read

October 19th. 2020

The beginning of a book release always makes me ill. All the fun I had in writing, then the pain of editing, crashes in together in some weird surreal experience when the finished book arrives at my house. Those first weeks, when readers are just discovering the book, is fraught with short breaths. Will they like? Do they think this was the dumbest plot they’d ever seen? Can anyone identify with these characters? Should I get a second job?

Comfort Foods is the third book set in the gritty town of Comfort, Texas, and it’s another second chances story for a young woman faced with crazy, big obstacles. Like the other two novels–Comfort Plans and Comfort Songs–this story deals with family dysfunction, BFFs, frenenmies, discovering talents, and the potential for a surprising romance. With all the vivid restaurant scenes, Hill Country experiences, emotional peaks and valleys, and a relevant social issue making a headline story, I think it’s a recipe for a mental vacation away from the politics and medical issues plaguing our media these days.

I hope those who choose this novel in paperback or e-Book, will come away with the notion that though things look impossible now, the worst is never really the worst. I’ve learned the strength of the human spirit to overcome adversity, and I hope readers see that too.

2 Responses to “Comfort Foods Offers a Delicious Read”

  1. Cheryl upchurch says:

    Absolute recipe for “dee- light-fulness-ious!” as Miss Luna might say! What a treat to start this book while visiting Barton Creek area in Austin taking in all the deliciousness of this book, it’s characters, your clever phrases and descriptions! While visiting Barton Creek I got to savor both Austin’s beauty and flair in foods, alongside this fabulous story of sizzle, sass and sweetness, all at the same time! It was a perfect recipe for the gift of a great read and refreshment for me! I’m already missing Lavender Hill and friends!

  2. admin says:

    Thank you, Cheryl. What a delight to find your note and glory in the moment of discovering a reader who thoroughly enjoyed my story. Seriously, these words are like candy to my brain. So grateful you took the time to leave this on the website, and happy to dip back into that friend pool for the next Comfort story in 2021.

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