Velva Jean Learns to Drive

Velva Jean Learns to Drive is blueberry experience. Hot summer sun will beat down on you, you will go through thorns and you’ll come out with chiggers, but when those blueberries melt on your tongue-heaven has come down. That’s the way it was reading Jennifer Niven’s novel. A hot, summer blueberry. She told a “coming of age” story of Velva Jean Hart that could easily resonate with any person from the South. As one who spent summer camp in the Blue Ridge Mountains this story not only resonated, it evoked some of the “bone memory” that people say come from your ancestor’s experiences. Though this book takes place in the 1930s-40s, its as real today for the humanity of the characters. Cheering for Velva Jean is just as close as crying for her. I loved this novel and hope you’ll reach for that blueberry too.