The Worst Movie I’ve Rented in a Long Time

It’s a cold, winter night here–what could be more heartwarming than watching a rom-com set in a climate even colder than my location? Nothing, in theory. The reality is that if anyone ever suggests Renee Zelwegger and Harry Connick Jr. to get within fifty feet of each other they should be shot. These people have NO chemistry. Actually, I’m beginning to wonder how Harry has made it in films. I love his singing voice and could listen to him play the piano for hours, but the man does not translate well to film–admit it, even in “Hope Floats” it was hard to see why Sandra Bullock’s character would fall for his local loner–and that was when Harry was in fighting shape. And how an agent convinced RZ to do this film is beyond me. The script was so old that I was yawning from the set-up shots. “New in Town” is a stinker, do not waste your money.