The Little Women Letters

While moving the kids to college this weekend, I grabbed a book for the ride and ended up glued to the pages in between events. It had been so many years since I read the classic Little Women that I wondered if that would be a problem with a novel, The Little Women Letters, that weaves the original story into this one. Turns out, reference wasn’t a problem at all. The author, Gabrielle Donnelly, took creative license with Jo’s letters to Meg, Amy and Beth and used them to frame a modern story of 3 sisters, parents, romances, and maturity that I think Louisa May Alcott would have approved of the fabrications. Lulu, Emma and Sophies’s characters and plots were so well drawn that warmth, family and joy of daily life (surely Miss Alcott’s own themes) leaped from the page. I found this novel incredibly entertaining, and even so it helped me forgive the one flaw which, to me, was the last letter. No doubt I’ll be sharing this books with friends.