The Family Fortune

I know I’m not alone, quite the contrary actually, in my fascination with Jane Austen. These past few years have spawned an amazing number of books related to or otherwise taking liberties with the beloved Miss Austen. A fan of re-told stories (if only because I’m a bit slow with the plodding narratives of classic novels) I was delighted to pick up a copy of a debut novel re-telling one of Jane Austen’s stories. I think  I found this treasure while on vacation and had meandered into a perfect little bookstore called Warwickes,  in La Jolla, California. The Family Fortune is a modern re-telling of Persuasion.  Don’t remember Persuasion? That’s only because it was never made into a major motion picture with Colin Firth or Hugh Grant, but the BBC did a very nice version a few years ago. Anyway, this novel was charming from the get-go. It was so well written I even forgot it was a re-telling, it seemed so fresh to me. So, if you’re having a hankering need for a clear does of romanticism and personal growth, stop by your favorite bookstore for a copy of Laurie Horowitz’s The Family Fortune. I’m kind of thinking they should ask Clive Owen to play Max Wellman.