The Captain’s Lady

Louise M. Gouge has written another outstanding historical romance novel with The Captain’s Lady. This follow-up story to Love Thine Enemy continues the web of stories set in the unusual location of East Florida at the height of the Revolutionary War. Though much of this story takes place in England, as the sea captain hero is charged with spying on a British council member to King George, the very real conflicts between the British and the Colonists are never far from the stage. Louise also takes the unusual angle of having the hero and heroine already “in love” at Chapter One. The trials for them are all about roles, secrets, and destiny. But throw in a hefty dose of female willfulness, parental stubbornness and duty and you’ve got a better spin on the problems facing these two young lovers on opposite sides of a history defining war. Louise writes so seamlessly that its easy to flow through the pages without much concept of the passing time. Romantic Times gave this novel 4 stars which is good enough for me too. Rush out and buy Louise’s latest saga before the shelves are empty.