Thanks for the Memories

Okay, if you saw and loved the book/movie P.S. I Love You, you’re going to love this book, Thanks for the Memories, by Cecelia Ahern. In all honesty, I’d never read a book by Ms. Ahern until this one, but I knew enough people who’d seen the movie P.S. I Love You and either loved it or hated it. So, I bought the book at Barrons and settled in for a good read. I was a bit thrown by the two points of view that seemed so unrelated, but after the blood transfusion it all made sense–from a literary standpoint. **Spoiler alert** I did have a hard time buying the whole blood transfusion leads to a transference of memories concept. Which is the crux of this romance. But, I had a conversation with several pathologists the other night who did indicate that there was some credible (if incredible) documentation that patients who receive transplants (particularly heart transplants) do undergo some freaky changes related to food preferences, deja vu, and personality. Not being a medical professional, I couldn’t respond other than to say “no way!”  So, credibility aside, this is a lovely book about heartache, magic, romance, and blood transfusions. It’s setting is London and Dublin–who wouldn’t want to take a mental vacation there–and my favorite character was Joyce’s father. And the author, I have since discovered, is fairly impressive in her own right. The daughter of the former Irish Prime Minister, she’s dating a movie star and her sister is married to a rock star, every books she’s written (since 2004) has gone into the stratosphere, and she’s the creator of the popular TV show, Samantha Who? So, if for no other reason that to see how someone incredibly blessed functions in the role of writer, read Cecelia Ahern’s newest book.