Ten Beach Road

“You don’t really know what your made of until things fall apart.” Madeline Singer

This quote from one of the three main characters in this beautifully written novel, Ten Beach Road, sums the whole plot into one sentence. Three women, total strangers to each other, wake up to find their lives–which were already on the brink of disaster–completely fall apart courtesy of a financial investment that could have been ripped from yesterday’s newspaper headlines. Their only resource is an old Mediterranean Revival mansion, named Bella Flora (that name sings in my memory,) on the coast of a Florida. Choices, questions, and the decision to pull together to renovate the mansion create the ultimate “Survivor” episode. And just when things look like they might turn around, they don’t. This story is sooo good, soooo rich with character, and soooo well-written–thank you, thank you, Wendy Wax– that I stayed up late night after night when I needed my beauty sleep. This will go down as one of those books I blurt out when someone casually asks, “read any good books lately?”