Tassy Morgan’s Bluff

I bought Jim Stinson’s Tassy Morgan’s Bluff because it was on a summer reads display at Barron’s. If Barron’s recommends it, particularly if its artfully surrounded by beach bags and flip flops, I usually give the titles a fair shake and walk out with two or three. This choice didn’t disappoint. The story was cute, fun, delightful and all the sorts of quirky characters one likes to find in something on a summer reads table. Mr. Stinson set his us-against-them story in San Andreas ( a no-fault town,) an ocean-side community in Oregon, but the master planned community idea is universal. And even as Tassy Morgan’s eyesore of a house is inching toward falling into the bluffs, I sympathized with her need for individualism. The story is full of second chances for houses, dogs, and people and that makes for a great summer story.  Flip flops optional.