Saving Cee Cee Honeycutt

After a hot August morning, I wandered into Barron’s Bookstore and fingered the books stacked on their shelves. This debut novel by Beth Hoffman, Saving Cee Cee Honeycutt, was highly recommended so I added it the pile already in my arm. Having travelled this weekend, it was with some relief that I sat in the comfy rocking chair in my room and finished this delightful novel. It’s a coming of age story about a young girl utterly askew by her mother’s mental illness. Sometimes I’d laugh, sometimes I’d tear up, but I kept turning the pages fast to keep up with the wonderful women who played a part in healing Cee Cee of her scars. I recommend you indulge in this oh-so-Southern remedy for ravages left by loneliness and twisted love.