Packing my bags for a blog tour!

Hello, friends. Hope you’re in an armchair traveling mood. One of the reasons I write is to take mental vacations to places I want to explore and experience. (And buying a book is a lot cheaper than an airline ticket!) I hope that’s one of the reasons you read too.

Bloggers with Lone Star Literary are ready to take my latest book, Comfort Plans, on a tour and share their thoughts, insights, and reviews of the plot with their readers across Texas and assorted state lines. I’ve never met these bloggers in person, but I read their reviews of other books and hope they enjoy spending time between the pages of this Hill Country contemporary novel, uncovering the backstory of house that was ready to spill it’s beans about the past. I’ll be watching from afar, because I discover their reviews the same time you do.

I’ll be in Jackson Hole, Wyoming when the blogs debut on social media those first few weeks of August, so my bags are going to high country and I’ll end days of hiking and exploring with time around the computer, touching base with readers and friends who are starting or ending their days with Comfort Plans. I’m thinking of these blogs like a “trip advisor” for mental vacation spots! If you enjoyed your time in Comfort, please leave a review on the Amazon page or at GoodReads so others can know what other vacationers have experienced.