Next to Love

“War .  . .next to love has most captured the world’s imagination.” Eric Partridge, British lexicographer, 1914. It’s from this seminal quotation that Ellen Feldman crafted one of the most superb novels about war, love, grief, resolution, and pain that I’ve ever read. Set in a town devastated by the loss of soldiers in the D-day invasion, Ms. Feldman weaves three couples together in a heart-breaking story of passion and survival. I’m not going to lie, this book will haunt me for a while, but in a good way. It reminded me why and I guess, how, the human spirit remodels itself to prevail against trauma. This is a story about scars. The things I so admire about this book are the simplicity of her writing, the eloquence of her plotting, and layers of her characters. Please read Next to Love as soon as you can.