Merry, merry!

Christmas. We’re in an adjustment phase at our house. For years, I was the content creator for my family’s Christmas experience; from gifts, to decorations, to whose favorite cookies served when.

But now, with both kids married and beginning their own traditions, I’m being outsourced. Not entirely, they are all coming to our house this year for the festivities, but it’s coming. We’re already imagining the years when we pack a suitcase and become the visitors in our grandkids’ Christmas story. I’m not sure I will like this phase, but it’s reality. We raised these humans to fly and just because they don’t need/want/can come home for every holiday is part of that package. If you’re like me, and adjusting to a new Christmas season, then let’s toast each other and say, “Merry, merry.” They say it’s all about our attitude to the circumstances and I want to choose merriment.

We began this new season of life with a quick trip with friends to visit Washington, DC. Not only could the history nerds indulge their fascinations, but we were there to see all the magic of DC with a Christmas glow. What a treat to go somewhere impressive without crowds or hot weather. Here’s a snap. This is how I want to think of the capital, without all the angst and wrangling of politicians.