Making Pins for You!

Friends, I’m hoping you enjoy Pinterest as much as I do. I use it as a search engine for the things I want to see visually as well as things I’m researching at any given moment–house ideas? travel spots? what to wear to work on Friday? Pinterest answers most of my questions. I’ve created Pinterest boards on my Fish Tales page to help me remember what actor has inspired a character in a book, and I pin photos that will help me remember details of what I need to write about regarding the stories I’m creating. It’s like a photo encyclopedia for me–maybe for you too, if you like peeking behind the curtain of a writer’s world. Because my novels are doing well, I’m using Pinterest to reach other readers with my customized book pins. Feel free to visit my page, look through my boards, and re-pin photos I’ve tagged, or –wouldn’t this be lovely–repin the book posts of Comfort Plans, The Big Inch, and Harmon General so your friends can see that you’ve enjoyed the novels too. Because the books are available through my website, I can easily assist Pinterest fans with finding a version of my books that suit them–pretty much, in an instant.