Jane Austen Ruined My Life

Just finished reading a delightful new book, Jane Austen Ruined My Life. You have to admit the title is catchy. And as it turns out the title is also the theme, a repeating theme that is resolved in an almost happy ending. I was charmed from the cover all the way through the pages of this fast-paced escapade through the haunts and hallmarks of Jane Austen landmarks scattered across England. An armchair traveler at times, I did appreciate the main character’s journey in and around the most delightful locations within London as she tried to debunk Jane Austen’s perpetually happy-ever-afters in the novels.  The author, Beth Pattillo, has a gift for creating the kind of scenes I’d like to settle in; Hatchard’s bookstore, Anne-Elise’s house on top of Holly Hill and Mrs. Parrott’s charmingly mysterious abode.  A fun, easy read even if you’re not a die-hard Jane Austen fan.