In the last phase of production

There was a big learning curve when I decided to be in charge of my book’s production. I’d watched the Print On Demand industry evolve over the years, and after writing The Big Inch (and realizing I wanted it to debut in time for the pipeline’s 75th anniversary) I knew the only way to get the book into the market was to tackle the process myself. Through much trial and error, The Big Inch rolled out in time and I soon followed that with my sophomore book release, Comfort Plans (now a 2018 Best Historical Romance award winner!) Having two successful book launches under my belt might lead one to think that I knew what I was doing–but yet again, I’m back at the chalkboard studying production steps and better ways to maximize my efforts.

Harmon General, the novel due out mid-June, has some interesting components that made writing and now producing it, a little more nuanced. For one thing, it’s a sequel so I had to be intentional in writing the plot and characters to satisfy those who enjoyed reading The Big Inch, and also be engaging for those who’s first encounter with my books might be this one. Second, I had to cement some locations and historical references I included in The Big Inch because readers remember details.

Creating a 1943-era map of Longview and marking where I’ve set imaginary places and where the actual landmarks are has been a sticky process too. And I can’t promise you I’ve got it right yet. Stick with me though, the book release party is just weeks away and we’ll have a something big to celebrate!