Comfort Christmas!

That could be the title for my next book, but it’s also the theme of this week’s book tour to my favorite Texas Hill Country town–Comfort, Texas. The inspiration for my entire set of novels beginning with the word, Comfort, it’s also a very real place just west of Boerne, Texas on Interstate 10. I’ll be at the 8th Street Market, on well, 8th Street in Comfort, from 11a-1pm CST.

Packing all the Comfort novels, but particularly the new release, Comfort Zone, for Hill Country readers and friends who drive in from Kerrville, Fredericksburg, Austin, and San Antonio.

Also in my conversations, are the Audible version of Comfort Songs that has debuted this month. Chocked full of the narrator’s interpretation of the characters, this big story gets a big treatment. Hope you’ll download it for your next road trip!